Is it just me or does being on the pill completely turn you insane? I did not have this issue pre-motherhood, it is most definitely a shift in the hormonal levels combined with the pill that has caused such a drastic change in mood. The first few months after having my precious little bundle of joy,  I felt at times that I could literally beat the crap outta someone. Confusingly enough I thought this may be a side effect of having recently left an abusive relationship, and that maybe my psychotic ex partner had turned me into a monster. It took a few months for it to dawn on me that this Jekyll and Hyde effect was taking place in cyclical form, roughly every 4 weeks. It took a good year for my hormones to settle down and for me to return to some resemblance of an emotionally stable person. This was short lived as I decided to start dating again and I went back on the pill. I have jumped on and off the pill a few times now, hoping each time would be different but sadly not.

Each time I have been transformed into a hideous, crazy, unreasonable little b**ch. I had absolutely no control over my mood. No matter how hard I tried I felt I wanted to loose it and just punch walls and scream at the top of my voice. It is only after a few weeks of coming off the pill that I have come back down to earth. So here it is ladies. My proposal. Give up the bloody pill and get the fuckers to wear a god damn condom. let them take the responsibility of birth control for a change. I know this is easier said than done, because lets face it, the consequences for us is far greater than it is for them should they fuck up. I recently gave this project to my now ex. I explained to him how crazy and outta control and unhappy I felt on the pill and told him it was his turn to worry about birth control. what a waste of time that was! What annoyed me the most was, he didn’t  seem to care how much hell being on the pill was for me, or he would have taken my request more seriously and would have done what was needed. He didn’t consider how I hated that it made me a moody mum and gave me less patience with my child and with him. Yet he still couldn’t do what was needed and put on a f**king condom. He actually requested I go back on the pill, which I stupidly did. So learn from my mistakes ladies and gents. If you care enough about your girl and she hates being on the pill, then don’t be a dick and expect her to go through the emotional turmoil of being on the pill. Man up and wrap your dick. And for those ladies who don’t wanna be on the pill, don’t be an idiot like me and do whats right for you. life’s too short to be going round feeling and acting out of control all because of one tiny little pill.

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